Know how

Research and Development and Innovation

Research and development

Research and development are essential in a sector such as plastics processing in order to provide our customers with answers and innovation strategies regarding plastics, tools, technologies and environmental consideration.

Thanks to the experience of Caliplast, we can provide you with innovative solutions. Most of the time, our innovative solutions allow you to file patents or always be one step ahead.

Innovation regarding materials

We are constantly looking for improvements in plastics, be they technical or environmentally friendly. 
We can rely on the experience of Caliplast as a partner of European research projects on plastic biomaterials and composite biomaterials

Innovation process

The innovation process allows us to develop processes and methods that optimize the manufacturing process of your plastic parts. Whenever we have to deal with a new project, we immediately think of the “methods”, in order to find the best compromise of production. Irrespective of your projects, you can be sure that we will propose you the most competitive manufacturing solutions.